Monday, July 25, 2011

A new start... New Beginning...

It's been a few weeks that I haven't updated this blog but im starting this with a new start and a new beginning.

Now this is said because we have change our life completely. On the 9th of July we moved to Florida! this is a huge step in our life's because we have spent our whole life's in Puerto Rico. Well i used to live in MA when i was a little girl but let's not count that, I was little...

Now things are so different here, starting with the streets, the stores, the operation hours and of course the language. I speak English and Spanish but i can write English better than what i can speak it... I usually tend to think in Spanish and translate so that's a big mistake i make. Mia doesn't know English and she will start Kinder on august so this will be hard for her.

Anyway.... We are currently living in a very nice apartment home Called Vista Lago over at West Palm Beach. It is gorgeous! I love it and my girls love it too, specially Mia and the huge tub she loves, and Adriana for the floor carpets that she can run and she wont hit herself hard as she used to because all the houses in PR are made of concrete. This is the website of the place Vista Lago

I'm still waiting for my things that i sent in the moving so i hope all my kawaii and scrapbooking items arrive soon. I miss everything so much! I just kept with me like 2 letter sets and all the letters that i need to respond soon. Oh and i visited an Ikea store and i totally fell in love with it!!! TOOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

animal Crossing for 3DS

This is one of my favorite games of Nintendo. I own all of the older versions and I can't wait for the release date to the new 3DS version of it. You can swim!!!! You can sit on the bench and totally cute the ninja way of catching the bugs!!!!! Love it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Orange Inchies Swap via Swap-bot

Today i sent out 5 Orange inchies to 2 different partners for a total of 10 inchies. I totally love making this tiny piece of art. For those who do not know what inchies are, they are tiny little piece that you decorate the way you want. You need a 1 inch card stock in where you will let your imagination flow and be creative. There's not much space so that makes it more fun and interesting.

Here are my Orange inchies made and an example for those new to this type of art.

Official Breaking Dawn Trailer

Official Breaking Dawn Trailer presented on the MTV Movie Awards yesterday.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

25 things to do before 26

25 things to do before 26

1. Read 5 books
2. Send 25 official postcards via Postcrossing
3. Find a good job.
4. Save $25 dollars each month. (0/300)
5. Cook 25 new recipes. (0/25)
6. Complete 2 different 30 day challenge. (0/2)
7. Leave 25 sticky notes with nice things on them for people to find. Operation Beautiful. (0/25)
8. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet. (0/26)
9. Get fit again.
10. Have a nice vacation.
11. Organize my computer files.
12. Go to the tanning salon frequently.
13. Create any type of paper crafts at least once a month.
14. Fix the oven and bake cupcakes and a cake.
15. Participate on 25 swaps via Swap-Bot. (0/25)
16. Complete a coloring book.
17. Journal or blog about this list.
18. Participate on the Happiness Project.
19. Fill up with photos the mini album that i made for Michael and me.
20. Have Saturday movie night with Michael for 5 Saturday's. (0/5)
21. Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks. (0/14)
22. Save $5 dollars for each completed task. (0/125)
23. Do the Two hundred sit up challenge.
24. Do the two hundred squats challenge.
25. Buy a new sewing machine.

My 26 birthday is in May 30th 2012. looking forward to complete this list.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Send a Drawing Project

I want to share with all of you a recent project i have started for me and my girls. It's called Send a Drawing where you send us a drawing made by you. My girls loves to draw and i thought it was nice for them to see that there are many other people who also loves to draw. I hope one day they start penpalling as i do but im sure they will hahah

Anyway here is the link to the blog and feel free to ask me anything or promote my project on your blog also.