Sunday, June 5, 2011

25 things to do before 26

25 things to do before 26

1. Read 5 books
2. Send 25 official postcards via Postcrossing
3. Find a good job.
4. Save $25 dollars each month. (0/300)
5. Cook 25 new recipes. (0/25)
6. Complete 2 different 30 day challenge. (0/2)
7. Leave 25 sticky notes with nice things on them for people to find. Operation Beautiful. (0/25)
8. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet. (0/26)
9. Get fit again.
10. Have a nice vacation.
11. Organize my computer files.
12. Go to the tanning salon frequently.
13. Create any type of paper crafts at least once a month.
14. Fix the oven and bake cupcakes and a cake.
15. Participate on 25 swaps via Swap-Bot. (0/25)
16. Complete a coloring book.
17. Journal or blog about this list.
18. Participate on the Happiness Project.
19. Fill up with photos the mini album that i made for Michael and me.
20. Have Saturday movie night with Michael for 5 Saturday's. (0/5)
21. Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks. (0/14)
22. Save $5 dollars for each completed task. (0/125)
23. Do the Two hundred sit up challenge.
24. Do the two hundred squats challenge.
25. Buy a new sewing machine.

My 26 birthday is in May 30th 2012. looking forward to complete this list.


  1. I hope that you get to complete this list, I keep thinking I should make a 40 things challenge before I'm 40 but I think its silly as I'll have 10 years to complete it in.

  2. Same here, I hope you complete the project! :) I am also making a list right now, 25 before 25 (as I turn 25 this September), but I haven't published it yet because I'm afraid I might not be able to achieve everything. I've been eyeing on that Happiness Project too but I haven't gotten hold of the book. I like your very creative list. i think I'm going to copy that a-z movie!! ;-) Hope that's fine! :D

  3. Hi Marie, I'm following you now. My mom was from Las Marias and I have a cousin in Guynabo(sp?). Im from quickie blog swap. Check out my crafty blog and I'd love it if you followed there.